Helping shelters to attract funding


Healply was created to help animals deprived of home and simple human love. We hope that our project will help the shelters make the life of four-legged friends a little better while they are waiting for their new owners.

What we do

We search for animal shelters all over the world and add the ones we trust to our project. We do not make any preferences amoung shelters. Every shelter with active work is welcome to our project.

For each shelter we create a page with shelter description, links to social media and website. So anyone can learn about shelters in their country and decide which shelter or maybe even shelters they want to help.

How you will help with Healply.io

It’s actually very easy. Just 3 simple steps:
1. Register
2. Select store and shop
3. Donate cashback to any shelter you like!'

So it means that everytime you make purchase in one of the stores from our list, you will receive cashback that you can donate! Yeap, it’s that easy!

Plan for the future

Create a platform to help homeless animals and shelters. Be an advocate and help spread info about animals that need home and much more!