Healply FAQ

How to use Healply?

Please spend some time on reading this FAQ!

Create an account at Healply.io

Сreate an account and approve your email.


Choose a store and make a purchase

Choose a store on the page Stores, click on it and you will be redirected to that store


Make your purchase and receive cashback

After you pay for your order, you will receive cashback in coming 24 hours. You can check it on a profile page


Donate your cashback to a shelter!

When you collect 2$ of approved cashback on your balance, you can donate it to any shelter you want to support



1. If you use any AD blocking exstansions, like Adblock or similar, than please disable it for healply and the shop you are going to use. This apps block cookies, and if you do not disable it - cashback will not be received.

2. Avoid any shopping apps, coupons from 3rd party websites and any additional browser extensions.

3. Accept cookies after being redirected to the store

4. No international VPN connection

5. Avoid using multiple tabs

Order status

Pending - after placing an order, your cashback will first be displayed as "pending".

Approved - once the shop has confirmed your transaction on their side.

Declined - your order was cancelled by you/shop